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Redefinition of TCM Market in the US


The TCM market in the US is growing rapidly, which creates plenty of opportunities. Based on observation and research, WeFine identified critical problems that currently exist in the system, and developed a modernized healthcare model to solve them. By establishing the first TCM online platform, WeFine wants to integrate qualified resources; to develop special formulas of TCM dietary supplement products for common chronic diseases with high prevalence in the US;  give more people access to better TCM services; and eventually promote the development of TCM in the US.

Far More Than Online Consultation

You can not only get online consultation services from WeFine, but also benefit from joining our platform in lots of other aspects.

  • Provide health consultation to your patients anywhere and anytime

  • Reduce operation costs of your local clinics

  • Manage your patient profile electronically

  • Advertise you and your clinics more efficiently


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Promoting TCM Academic Development

WeFine provides you and your fellow acupuncturists and TCM practitioners with continuing education and academic communications. As a registered practitioner on our platform, you could join various academic activities such as TCM lectures, workshops, seminars and journal clubs. These activities can not only fulfill your continuing education requirement for your license, but also give you a chance to communicate with top TCM experts from both China and the US, thus improving your professional competence. We hope we can facilitate the development of TCM around the world by offering these academic services to all our registered practitioners.

Join WeFine Health Now!

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Download WeFine application from App Store or Google Play. Fill in your personal information and upload supporting documents to register a practitioner account. Once we receive your application, WeFine Support Team will follow up as soon as possible to give you detailed instructions and answer all your questions. You could start providing online consultation through WeFine platform when your documents are approved.​

WeFine Health

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