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Meet Our Team

Energetic ∙ Diligent ∙ Brave

“We are passionate about taking care of people, we are committed to surpassed quality, and we strive to create value. We are hoping to integrate ample resources inside and outside the U.S., aiming at making high-quality TCM and integrative healthcare for people around the world.”

- WeFine Health Team


Chief Research Scientist

Yili Hu

Chief Research Scientist

Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, MD;

Leading expert in gastroenterology;

Developed more than 10 TCM formula for gastrointestinal diseases;

Senior Member of the Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine;

Director of the Spleen-Stomach Subcommittee of the Chinese National Medical Association; Director of the Chinese Association for the Promotion of Chinese Medicine Research; Director of the China Information Association For Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy;

Chief Research Scientist, leading  WeFine’s proprietary TCM products R&D.

Advisory Board


Sihua Gao


China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Ph.D.;

Former President of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;

Chief Scientist of the Chinese National 973 Program of Chinese Medicine;

Vice President and Chief Health Science Expert of the China Association of Chinese Medicine;

Vice President of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine;

Vice President of Chinese Association of Geriatric Research

Vice President of Chinese Association of Health-Protection Food

Committee Member of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies;

Advisor of China Association of Chinese Medicine


Guanhu Yang


Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, BS;

Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, MS;

Kanazawa Medical University, Ph.D.;

Permanent Member of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies;

Research Scientists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital;

Licensed Acupuncturist in Ohio State.

Our Mission

Focus on Your Uniqueness

Everyone is unique and has a different physical condition. Even for a common cold, it should be cared differently for different individuals. In WeFine’s one-to-one online consultation, a licensed TCM consultant of your choice will provide you with the best solution to your health problem based on your own condition. At the same time, WeFine will produce the personalized TCM granule products that belong exclusively to you. We hope that every health problem could be cared properly.

Establish Standardized Consultation and Production Process

Standardized consultation and production process are the fundamentals of high-quality healthcare services. WeFine has designed a set of specialized questionnaires to fully understand your health problem, thus helping practitioners acquire your health information accurately. Standardized manufacture process with automatic dispensers is conducted under the FDA regulation to make sure your personalized TCM granule products are safe and qualified. Standardized TCM Health Record makes it more convenient and efficient for subsequent visits or further consultation, and at the same time, it could protect the privacy and accuracy of your personal information.

Research and Development Based on Big Data

Apart from building and operating the remote TCM consultation platform, WeFine is also dedicated to developing proprietary TCM dietary supplement products focusing on the unique needs of the US market. WeFine has a group of research scientists with experience over 20 years in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Series of self-branded products are under research and development based on customer data acquired from WeFine’s platform and statistics of chronic diseases in the US. Hope WeFine’s substantial investment in R&D could bring you more choices when it comes to healthcare, and protect the wellness of you and your family.

Dedicate to the Modernization of TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine is profound and has a history of hundreds and thousands of years. Science and technology are developing rapidly in this new era. To keep up with the times, TCM has to be modernized. WeFine is committed to the modernization of TCM, and is applying modern technologies such as remote consultation and big data analysis into the classical TCM Industry. We hope we could facilitate the development of TCM and provide you with the best services at the same time.

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